2017 Board of Directors-Staff

Operations Treasurer Trilla Wolf opstreasurer@northmetrosoccer.org
Administrative Director Kimberly Carr admin@northmetrosoccer.org 763-260-4121
Recreational Coordinator Becky Widmark reccoordinator@northmetrosoccer.org 763-401-1787
Dir of Soccer Operations Jason Jacob dso@northmetrosoccer.org
Coaching Director Brady Hicks cd@northmetrosoccer.org
Development Director Mike Friendt dd@northmetrosoccer.org
Technical Director Ryan Servaty td@northmetrosoccer.org
Board Members
President David Tarleton president@northmetrosoccer.org
Vice President Tony Brown vicepres@northmetrosoccer.org
Secretary Nichole Schroeder secretary@northmetrosoccer.org
Treasurer Lisa McDaniel treasurer@northmetrosoccer.org
U9/U10 Competitive Director Lisa Langsdorf u9-u10comp@northmetrosoccer.org
U11/U12 Competitive Director Sara Chartier u11-u12comp@northmetrosoccer.org
U13 & Up Competitive Director Fred Guenther u13upcomp@northmetrosoccer.org 763-260-1361
Recreational Director David LaFlamme recdirector@northmetrosoccer.org
Field Director Antoine Ziegler fielddirector@northmetrosoccer.org
Risk Management Director Dan Stocke riskmgmt@northmetrosoccer.org
Volunteer Coordinator Kara Dahl volunteer@northmetrosoccer.org
Member @ Large Lori Jorgenson lori@northmetrosoccer.org
Academy Director Ryan Schroeder academydirector@northmetrosoccer.org
Member @ Large Julie Owens Julie@northmetrosoccer.org
Member @ Large Matt Haupert Matt@northmetrosoccer.org
Other Club Contacts
Comp Prep Coordinator David LaFlamme recdirector@northmetrosoccer.org
Referee Coordinator Merry Hilger mnrefassignor@comcast.net
Referee Coordinator Diana O'Connor mnrefassignor@comcast.net
Equipment Coordinator Tony Brown equipment@northmetrosoccer.org
Girls Comp Uniforms Lori Jorgenson lori@northmetrosoccer.org
Boys Comp Uniforms Julie Owens Julie@northmetrosoccer.org
Information Technology Matt Haupert Matt@northmetrosoccer.org
Executive Committee
Vice President
Academy Committee Comp Committee
Academy Director Vice President
Risk Manager U9/U10 Comp Director
Treasurer U11/U12 Comp Director
Uniform Coordinator U13 & Up Comp Director
Development Director Field Director
Coaching Director
Tournament Committee Rec Committee
Field Director Rec Director
Secretary Rec Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator Volunteer Coordinator
Tournament Consultant Techinical Director

Sponsors & Affiliates

Minnesota Youth Soccer Association

MN United FC

US Youth Soccer

Challenger Sports Camp


Andover Community Center

The Sanneh Foundation

Dick's Sporting Goods