Tryout FAQ's

Do I have to register if I can't attend Tryouts?

YES. All players MUST register online for tryouts in advance, regardless of attendance at tryouts. You will not be considered for team placement if you are not registered. There is a section in the registration where you can enter details if you are missing tryouts.

What if I am injured and can not attend tryouts? 

Players who are injured and unable to participate in tryouts must register for tryouts and indicate a medical reason for non-participation. A doctor's note must be provided. Previous season player rankings and coach evaluations will be used to place players on teams. If you are injured after you have submitted your tryout registration, please email  and include a Doctor's note.

What should I wear to tryouts?

Tryout t-shirts will be handed out for tryouts.

What should I bring to tryouts?

Water, sunscreen, and a soccer ball (correct size)

Can my child "play up" to an older age group?

All players should attend the tryout session of their respective birth year. Opportunities for players to compete in an older age group will be decided by the Directors of Coaching. It is important to also keep in mind that the decision to allow a player to play up is an ongoing evaluation. An opportunity to play up in one year does not guarantee future opportunities. Opportunities will be evaluated and determined on an ongoing basis.

Can I watch my child's tryout? 

Parents are not allowed to be near the tryout fields.

What if I disagree with my child's team placement?

There will be no contesting or protesting of team formation results. Parents will not be allowed to contest team placement of any player in any age group. Tryout rankings and team rankings are confidential and will not be shared. Please, note that not all players will be placed on a team.

Does everyone make a team?

While every effort is made to place each player on a team, the MYSA roster size restrictions and the number of players trying out for an age group may prevent placement of every player.

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